San Marcos is a great place to work and live! Only 30 minutes north of San Diego, it offers a mild climate, a cool ocean breeze, and a relaxing college town atmosphere. San Diego’s north county is making a name for itself in the area of technology, with the highest concentration of Internet users per capita in the United States, several major universities focusing on technology, and a corporate presence that includes Qualcomm, Nokia and Gateway. We’re always looking for the best programmers available, and can put together the right package for you and your family.

For employment opportunities, please email human resources at Include your resume.

We are seeking highly qualified sales reps with knowledge of the transportation and logistics industry.

Qualified engineers with expertise in the following areas are always welcome to apply:

  1. SQL Server 2005 (design and administration)
  2. VB.NET
  3. J2ME
  4. Technical writing
  5. SQL Server 2014  and above
  6. VB Net
  7. HTML5

Broker / 3PL Features

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