About ETA Group

About ETA Group

Enterprise Technology Alliance, Inc. is a transportation software developer, specializing in mid- to high-end solutions featuring sophisticated but easy to use technologies. Located in San Marcos, California, the Company’s roots began in the fall of 1996. Our focus back then was the sale of operations software to small freight companies, primarily in the trucking industry. We’ve since branched out to the brokerage, air freight, container and rail drayage, and forwarding (ocean, domestic and international) industries.

Unlike the majority of our competitors, who are locked into proprietary systems using the AS/400 or Unix operating systems, we chose to develop our product line entirely with Microsoft platforms and development tools. The dominance of Microsoft products, and the worldwide acceptance of Microsoft-compatible software programs for business, has helped propel our growth.

Currently, the Company has 14 product lines, ranging from dispatch, operations and accounting to Internet tracing and document imaging.

Our clients range from small companies to multi-national public companies and include installations with more than 25 facilities and greater than 200 workstations. We have clients throughout the United States and Canada.

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