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Intermodal Drayage & Enterprise Software

The ETA Wheels® DrayagePro system software package is an integrated, full featured enterprise software solution to meet the needs of rail and harbor container transportation companies. The System allows companies to manage the complete intermodal trucking process from order to invoice in real time, including routing, dispatch, container management, accounting and all aspects of trucking and container operations.

The system is designed to allow the transportation company flexibility and control in all the areas of concern in the movement of freight in and out of the terminals and yards.

The ETA Wheels® DrayagePro system allows job details to be received electronically or manually input one time making data immediately available for use by Customer Service, Dispatch, Accounting and Management. Fully automated driver settlements and customer invoices execute once jobs are completed saving significant processing time on the back end and improving cash flow for owner operators through faster invoicing.

The ETA Wheels® DrayagePro system allows for automated rating in a multi-user environment allows you to create and maintain personalized customer rating for all phases of intermodal movements. Additionally, each rail and ship line’s individual customer interchange agreements can be set up in the system (e.g. free days, pools, etc.). Constant updating of information as the container moves through dispatch ensures proper billing of per diem charges and any accessorial services. The system automatically calculates and logs all per diem and detention charges. The system offers options to print or fax accessorial authorization letters against applicable loads.

As with all ETA Group software, integrated fax and email capabilities are standard.

Additional features of the ETA Wheels® DrayagePro system include:

Automated Driver Settlements
Integrated inbound load tracing, featuring links to Internet tracing sites
Load duplication
Insurance Expiration notifications
Data Entry audit trail
COD management tools
Tracks Container Releases
Equipment tracking, including trailers, containers and chassis
Automatic Last Free Day and Detention calculations
Multiple stops/drops
Auto-rating and costing
Customer specific detention schedules
Tracks Equipment Splits
Controls per-diem and storage charges
Detention Reports
Default settings for type of trailer or container
Tracks driver delay
Expanded search options
Detention settlement function
Track Free Time Cutoffs
Generates accessorial authorizations

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For more information or to request a demonstration of the ETA Mobile Dispatch System, please call our sales department at (760) 798-9466