Air Freight Forwarder

The ETA Air Forwarding System was originally designed for a mid-size U.S. based forwarder. The system was enhanced and expanded to support the forwarding operation of a major Fortune 500 company. The system supports all airlines, air freight truckers, airport shuttle, P&D as well as DTC moves.

With the increasing complexities of moving goods around the globe, you need transportation strategies that work across all modes—air, ocean, rail and surface or any combination. The ETA Air Forwarding System allows companies to manage an efficient and profitable multi-modal, multi-leg transportation network—while keeping costs down and providing superior service to your customers.

The industry leading Quality Assurance module allows for your customer service staff to monitor shipments or consolidations strictly by exception. There is no need to follow shipments that are moving as scheduled and are in the proper status. A powerful rules engine provides escalating alert messages on any movement that could potentially cause a service failure. These pro-active alerts allow for corrective action to take place before the shipment becomes a failure.

The system supports complete Known Shipper functionality and prevents the tendering of Unknown Shipper freight to passenger airlines. The rate quote module allows for the generation of cost-plus, flat mark-up, or margin percentage quotes.

As with all ETA Group software, integrated fax and email capabilities are standard.

Broker / 3PL Features

Automated Customer Rating and Vendor Costing
Automatic Conversion of Quotes to Orders
Evaluate Shipment Profitability by Lane, Mode, Service Level, Date Range, Sales Rep, etc.
Allows for Invoicing of Non-Freight Items such as Trailer Rental of Repairs
Extensive Sales Commission Program Automates Settlements and Accounts Payable
Insurance Expiration Notifications
COD Management Tools
Automated On-time Service and Delivery Performance Reports
Fuel Surcharge Plans allow for Quick and Easy Updates of all Customers
Automated Accessorial Notification by E-mail or Fax
Airports as well as all ACI Zones are Preloaded in the System
Fully Integrated Warehouse and Inventory Management System
Full TSA Unknown Shipper Functionality
Notification to Sales Reps of Unconverted Rate Quotes
Automated Carrier and Customer Confirmation Forms
Carrier and Customer Lane and Rate History Look Up
Security Allows for Limiting the Forms, Reports and Screens Individuals can see or Access
Integrated Mileage Calculations
Fully Integrated OS&D Functionality
Automated Review of Consolidation Opportunities to Improve Profitability
Integrates with OAG
Manual Entry of Recurring Route Opportunities
Shipment/Order Duplication Capabilities Speed the Data Entry of High Volume Shippers or Distributions
Management Scoreboard Provides Immediate View of the Financial Condition of the Company

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