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The ETA Wheels® BrokerPro system provides transportation brokers all the tools required to efficiently and successfully manage their day-to-day operations. The system supports air, ocean, rail and surface modes as well as TL and LTL moves. Additionally, multiple LTL moves can be consolidated on a single carrier. An integrated load matching facility matches loads with available equipment within seconds helping generate additional revenue and profits by allowing dispatchers to cover more loads rather than trying to track down equipment.

The ETA Wheels® BrokerPro system helps limit your liability on high value moves by preventing the assignment of loads to carriers that do not carry sufficient levels of insurance to cover the loads. Vendor profiles maintain contact information, equipment types and numbers as well as imaged certificates of insurance and operating authority. Additionally, a specific module to manage the tracking and processing of COD shipments is standard in the system.

With the addition of the integrated ETA TracePro® system, authorized carriers can post available equipment directly into your system. Additionally, the system allows for pre-assignment of equipment and drivers based on the estimated time of arrival at destination of loads in progress. The system is designed to support air, ocean and rail in addition to the movement of loads over the road. The rating engine supports both global and customer specific rating profiles including accessorial charges.

As with all ETA Group software, integrated fax and email capabilities are included standard with the system.

Additional features of the ETA Wheels®BrokerPro system include:

Automated Rating & Costing
Automatic accessorial notification by e-mail or fax
Supports Multiple Stops/Drops
Automated Driver Settlements, and Accounts Payable
Insurance Expiration Notifications
Integrated Document Imaging (optional)
Default settings for type of trailer or container
Load Cancellation
Mileage Calculations (optional)
Supports Multiple Dispatchers
Integrated Load Matching
Track and record driver check calls, origins, destinations and estimated time of arrivals
Load Duplication
Data Entry audit trail
Allows billing for non-freight items such as trailer rental
Trade loads with other facilities
COD management tools
Automated carrier and customer confirmation forms

For more information or to request a demonstration of the ETA Mobile Dispatch System, please call our sales department at (760) 798-9466 or you can make your request on-line via this link.

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For more information or to request a demonstration of the ETA Mobile Dispatch System, please call our sales department at (760) 798-9466