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The ETA Mobile Dispatch System is the comprehensive and affordable mobile communications software solutions created for today’s trucking companies, carriers and private fleets. Our Mobile System has been designed from the ground up to follow the natural process of daily trucking operations, while using advanced technology to track trucks and trailers, eliminating cumbersome manual processes that waste precious time and money.

The ETA Mobile Dispatch System has been designed as a mobile resource management solution to work with a series of GPS/Java-enabled mobile phones, in-cab mounted devices, or with popular Qualcomm® hardware. Running over the Nextel guaranteed wireless network, the ETA Mobile Dispatch System can be deployed on a wide variety of end-user platforms, including dedicated equipment (Qualcomm) or Nextel IDEN mobile phones.

The ETA Mobile Dispatch System enables drivers to better manage deliveries and pickups, coordinators to better manage fleet movements and gives service level transparency for customers. The ETA Mobile Dispatch System enables a customer to search for an order and see the real – time status , including delivery time and POD with a signature capture.

The ETA Mobile Dispatch System, when matched with the popular Qualcomm System, pinpoints your truck locations and then processes this information to report accurate departures, arrivals, missed appointments, planned and unplanned stops, out of route miles, mileage by state, detention time alerts, and rolling estimated times of arrival for your entire fleet, allowing your trucking company, brokerage, or private fleet to manually dispatch by exception. Your truck route and scheduled trip itineraries are electronically sent to your drivers’ mobile device, where they are stored, viewed and managed by your truck drivers. This allows you to virtually reduce and even eliminate the need for phone calls between driver and dispatcher saving hours of unnecessary phone time.

Broker / 3PL Features

More Jobs Completed with Fewer Drivers
Shorter Order-to-Cash Cycle
Lower Voice and SMS Costs for Driver Communication
Enhance Messaging with Mobile Employees Securely and Reliably
Strong Driver Adoption
Minimize Handling of Paper Work
Reduce Administrative Staff and Expense
Instant POD, Status Updates with Signature Capture
Dynamic Connectivity with Fleet
Real-Time Status Updates
Improved Vehicle Utilization
Competitive Advantage for Contract Negotiation
Integrate Real-Time Location Data into Enterprise Applications
Manage Large Fleets in Real Time Across Broad Geographies
Minimize Delivery Disputes

For more information or to request a demonstration of the ETA Mobile Dispatch System, please call our sales department at (760) 798-9466 or you can make your request on-line via this link.

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For more information or to request a demonstration of the ETA Mobile Dispatch System, please call our sales department at (760) 798-9466